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Why Down Syndrome

The Down Syndrome print came about in 2016, I had just come back to work after taking a long break. In 2014 my daughter Samantha was born to 3 older siblings, all born as natural as can be. So we expected nothing different with the 4th pregnancy. Late in the pregnancy we started getting worried she wasn't in the head down position, we waited a few visits for her to turn and she never did, I declined the forced turn procedure, where the doctor goes and kinda forces the baby to turn, because there are higher risks with that than there are with a C-section. So we waited until the day she was due scheduled a C-section and sure enough she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her shoulders, so it could have been fatal to her to try and turn her if they turned the wrong direction (mother's intuition at it's best) So we were happy when we heard her cry, and they showed her to us, but the minute I saw her little face, I knew something was wrong, then the whispering began, the calling one doctor over to look at her, then another, then they called my husband over to the station where they were cleaning her up. They told him they were taking her to the NICU for observation and tests because she displayed physical traits of having Down Syndrome. I knew in my heart she did, but part of me was hoping she didn't and that was because I knew all we would have to go through, all the tests we would be put through as parents, as a couple as a family, and her, my little sweet innocent baby, what would her life be like, what awful comments would she hear, what discrimination would she experience. All the typical parent fears we all have multiplied by 100.

She had open heart surgery in Jan of 2015, and conquered that like a rock star! After that she just blossomed, and as the time went by and I saw her overcoming obstacles, and surpassing goals, I knew in my heart she was going to be alright, and that we all would be alright.  I knew the God put her in our life not because she needed us, but because we needed her.

So after we were all settled, months after her surgery I came back to work and designed this beautiful Down Syndrome Awareness print that everyone has fallen in love with, it was hand drawn by me, and the inspiration of course was my daughter, but I also wanted to have something unique beautiful and something that had taken time to design to bring awareness to all our babes rocking an extra chromosome. When you look closely at the print you see a butterfly with wings in the shape of an "S", you see my daughters chromosomes drawn straight from her medical paperwork, hand drawn hearts and lots of little T21 also hand written. 

The line has taken on a life of it's own, growing every year since it's launch. We love hearing how much you love it and want to bring you more and more every year, if you want to stay in touch and receive updates about the the Down Syndrome line signup for our exclusive Down Syndrome newsletter by clicking here Here 

You can get to know Samantha and follow her hashtag on Instagram #4sammypoo and of course see the line here, and find all sorts of beautiful handmade products to show your support.  And of course you can shop the line here year round currently only available in my Etsy Shop