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The Designer

Yesenia has had a creative side since she was very young, as a young child she would design dresses for her barbies and her mom would sew them for her with fabric remnants, in grade school she would seek out the less popular accessories and clothing that would make her look different, she took inspiration from seventeen magazine and her older cousin who lived in a much more trendy area than she did who also happened to send her hand me downs which Yesenia looked forward to every year, and as a pre-teen she would upscycle thrift store clothing and remove buttons, bleach out pants, cut and paint clothes and she spent hours doing it.

When it came time to think college it was a no brainer that she was destined for fashion, she attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 1999 and studied Product Development and Graphic Design. Yesenia worked as an assistant to a high end Pajama designer in West L.A. she learned the ropes and what it took to design and bring to life and high end line. She then went on to work at a high end children's boutique in Larchmont Village in Los Angeles, that is where she was inspired to bring to life her creativity once more, with the encouragement and guidance from her co-workers and the shops owner, she began making tiny silk flower snap clips in 2002, with the market at her feet, she made and sold hair clips for the shop while she worked there as a sales associate for over 5 years, it didn't take long for her boss to push her once more and encourage her to grow, she guided her and introduced her to all the sales reps at the California Market Center where they did the buying for the store. Yesenia picked up a sales rep and quickly grew.

(Que Cute) NOW Perfect Chaos has been sold at all the top Los Angeles shops like Fred Segal, M-Frederick, Ragg Tattoo, of course Flicka, and stores around the country including Wynn Las Vegas, Marshall Retail & Gifting Grace ( J.C. Penney Co.)

Yesenia never shy's away from a challenge when it comes to her business, it is a passion of hers to have little girls wearing her accessories all over the world. She is now a mother of 4 energetic kids, a dedicated wife, passionately running her business and balancing family life.