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Stay At Home Mom Struggles - Parenting

Yesenia Escoto

So when my husband and I made the decision that I would stay home and leave my office job to be with our new baby, I thought I was on my way to being June Cleaver, being a type A personality, I thought "finally, I get to have the time to have my house perfectly clean, cook everyday, play with my kids more and be at their school everyday and attend PTO meetings ect" I really set my goals high and not for a second did I think that all this couldn't be done on the daily, not to mention I also thought "FINALLY I will have the time to put more focus on Que Cute" I had all these high expectations of myself, and it has been almost 4 years that I stay home, and while I have a love hate relationship with it, I wouldn't go back to a 9-5 job. However, i wish I didn't care SO much, about EVERYTHING, it is so hard to find a balance. While my youngest naps, I usually sit at my desk and listen to books on Audible, which by the way is the most genius thing ever!! I listen to books on being an entrepreneur, SEO, building and growing a business, being a mom, how to deal with your strong willed child, parenting solutions for divorced parents, kids with name it, I have tried to improve it. So lately I have really focused on what would make me feel better, what will make me feel light and carefree...and that is having an awesome home and happy kids. So after listening to this book "If I have to tell you one more time" I convinced my husband to take these online parenting courses with me so that we can learn to be better parents, our kids ages 12, 10, 3, and 2 and the way I interact with them is a huge part of the way our home feels and runs. They each have different needs, and I want them to be happy, and balanced and self sufficient. I have to say I wish I ready this book and took these courses 12 years ago. I highly recommend this book, and if you can spring for her parenting course, it is money well spent, but if you can't the book is a great foundation to get you  started on your way to a happier home.

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