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Myth Collection

Jessica Lugo

Have you ever wondered how these ideas come about? This week we are giving you a behind the scenes look into our newest Myth Collection, collection is live on Sunday October 21st! 


This print was supposed to be a dino print for girls, and some fun prints were thrown in with other JUST DINO options and polled our VIP group on Facebook. One of the things that makes the VIP Group so special is that Yesenia loves to ask them for their opinion because they are the experts, and of course they know what they want. She loves to make them happy.

Out of 5 dino prints 1 wasn't dino and even though they all had said they want a dino print, this one was voted #1 lol...go figure. Yesenia says this about this print: "It was originally very organic, lots of brush, and lavender, and mountains, it felt off, an in true nature of what I do best, I asked my graphic designer to tweak it, I suggested a galaxy background, because well all these things are out if this world, she added that cute helmet on one of the dinos, and it just worked. We were both struggling to make it work with the original plan, just goes to show 2 heads are always better than one."

That is very true and it shows so much in this collection. It is fun, funky and totally out of this world. 

These prints sometimes take months to be ready, because Yesenia likes to really make it stand out. The whole process to get one of the mini collections done from start to finish can take herself and team up to 4 months to bring to the site. Some of that is just mom life that gets in the way, but the majority is her deciding what to coordinate with it, what glitter will look great, what complimenting leather - so that it all makes a cohesive collection. 

The idea behind these collections is to bring a set that is fun and functional. Yesenia loves for her pieces to be timeless because she is not a wear it once type of gal, and she really wants her accessories to serve a purpose and be worn over and over, be practical and match everything.



We think this collection is going to be a fun one! Be the first to grab your new favorites from this collection on Sunday October 21st! 

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