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Chhhhaaa chhhaaa chhhhaaaannnngesssss.... Changes are coming...

Jessica Lugo

Since 2003 we have been known as Que Cute Accessories but as many brands often do, it is time for a huge change. Within the last year Yesenia, owner, designer, creator and founder has been working on a massive re-brand and what this will mean for the future of Que Cute Accessories. 

The thought process behind re-branding is one that many will find to be interesting. When the company was started it was focused solely on accessories but as the brand has grown we have added clothing and will continue to add more versatile products that appeal to a larger crowd. This is why we are heading in the direction we are with this change. It means a wider range of product for our customers and more options for a new customer base as well. 



We truly hope you love what we've been working on and we can't wait to reveal everything.

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