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Celebrating Abilities this month for Down Syndrome Month!

Jessica Lugo

"It’s not about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities."

- NDSS Goodwill Ambassador, Chris Burke

Did you know October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a chance to spread awareness. During the month of October, we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. It's not about celebrating disabilities, it's about celebrating abilities. 

We here at Que Cute Accessories are celebrating by a release of a brand new collection of tees being added to our exclusive print Down Syndrome Line. 

If you aren't familiar with our shop already you may be asking why this cause is so important to us. You can read a little about our Owner, Yesenia Escoto's family and their own journey Here

Like many of our other exclusive prints this design was a labor of love. After the birth of their daughter, yesenia wanted to gift a special item to her mother, and advocacy items for herself, but had a hard time finding anything stylish "it was like no one had taken the time to make something hip" She then had the idea to create this print that would be fun, colorful and of course it had to be personalized

When you look closely at the print you see a butterfly with wings in the shape of an "Sfor her daughter's name", you see Yesenia's daughters chromosomes drawn straight from her medical paperwork, hand drawn hearts and lots of little T21 also hand written. It is a very special print for us. 

We are using this print in several new unisex designs including arrows and hearts. 

Be the first to grab one of our new tees and celebrate a chance to spread awareness, advocacy and inclusion throughout the community for our friends sporting an extra chromosome. 

In addition to the contribution of part of our profits to help DS families with children in medical distress we are implementing a new "You Got This" pay it forward program to motivate those families that could use a little lift. If you know a family that could use a "you got this" gift please send us an email with their contact information and why they could use this. We would be so happy to send them something. 

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