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Best Hair Products EVER!!

Yesenia Escoto

In my late 20's I developed a scalp allergy to home hair dye products, it was awful, and it really was from one day to another, ever since then, I have to be very careful what touches my scalp, certain drug store brands are a no no, but only when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. I have been dying, bleaching and abusing my hair since I was 15. I have used many hair treatments, and home remedies, my most recent before discovering this amazing product was coconut oil, which did work wonders, but only as a treatment, and can clog your drain...In the last few years I have been dipping my toes more and more into organic and homemade remedies, and holistic medicine, essential oils ect. Because it seems that every time a new product comes out you have to wait 10 years to find out it causes some form of cancer, and I am just not ok with that. However I am a sucker for yummy smelling hair products which are usually not good for you, but I finally took the plunge and tried an organic shampoo and conditioner, and let me tell you, it was the best $60 I have spent in a long time. If you are in the market for rich moisturizing natural hair products, DermOrganic is the way to go.  I get my hair highlighted regularly, for the past 5 years, lately I have been on a kick to go super blonde so it was getting pretty damaged, elastic feeling, if you color your hair you know exactly what I mean. So originally my husband ordered this online for me because of my scalp allergy but I kid you not, after the very first use, I was hooked. I bought just the regular shampoo and conditioner, not a treatment, and this stuff doesn't leave your hair slime-like when its wet, which is often interpreted as soft or smooth, not, it's going to feel kinda rough or like when you run your finer over wet glass, which actually means CLEAN, but when it dries you will see and feel an immediate difference. I loved it so much I went out and purchased the MASQUE which is an Intensive Hair Repair product, I have been using this once or twice a week as a treatment, and my hair is just so much healthier feeling, no more gummy wet hair, it looks shiny, thick and soft. I highly recommend these 3 products, I am on a mission to try everything else they make because I feel like ti discovered the fountain of youth for  my hair. you can get more info on their site


This review is based solely on my opinion and experience with the products mentioned above, I am not a hair care professional or have been paid or otherwise compensated by the company or any affiliates. This blog post is for information purposes only. 

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